Man Law – An Analysis of the Saying ‘Bros Before Hoes’

Bros before Hoes is the basis of Bro Code, the ultimate in man law, where the others are garnered. Regardless of the cutesy rhyme scheme, there is a valid system of ethics that guides a man on his journey for personal development. The core of the law explains that a man ought to put his bros – friends and family – ahead of hoes. In so many words, cease chasing girls and take care of what’s important. Bros before hoes is a complex law (which gives way to how hard it is to be a man), and it can be broken down into three major articles:

Article I – The Most Important Bro Is You

I know, this seems extremely selfish. A real man realizes that until his stuff is in order, he has barely anything to offer society. A real man sets his own road as an individual, only then surrounding himself with those of a like philosophy so that he can enjoy life. What kind of man would he be, what kind of power can he truly hold, if he doesn’t take care of number one? Health, relationships, and finances will all crumble if they are not built on a stout base.

Article I dictates that a man gain control of his life, that he acknowledges that he is the most important being in that life. A man with his crap together, is a real man.

Article II – Pick Your Bros Wisely

A man chooses his friends, his lovers, and his colleagues deliberately. He should pick other individuals that are of a similar demeanor. A man that has to invoke Man Law I on his bro should reconsider why he wants to have this someone in his life to begin with. By picking others who are grounded and self-sufficient (embodying Article I), a man forms a network of buddies that he can have confidence in. Article II is important because no man is perfect, and all men need good friends to see them through tough times.

Article III – Not All Men Are Bros And Not All Women Are Hoes

A man understands that just because another person is male, that does not imply he is a Real Man. When a man lets another person into his inner circle, they are given the Bro tag, and will be respected without thought of gender. Just as a Hoe is not always a woman; there will be many men and women throughout life who wish to see a man fail, be it because of hate, jealously, greed, or general ill will. These people should be avoided when possible, and thwarted when needed.


Article I explains that a man is the most important being in his own life. Article II states that he must accept his fellow man as the single most important person in their lives. Article III clarifies that the labels ‘Bro’ and ‘Hoe’ are genderless terms.

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